(Ottawa Zirconia Translucent)

Ottawa Zirconia Translucent

There is a new breed of zirconia that is more consistent and predictable than regular zirconia! It’s called Ottawa Zirconia Translucent. OZT has an optimized microstructure that provides higher translucency and has significant flexural strength that exceeds 800 MPa. OZT allows for more consistent shades and predictable translucency.

  • Optimized Microstructure Provides Higher Translucency
  • Significant Flexural Strength (800 MPa)
  • Consistent Shades
  • Predictable Translucency
  • Prep: 1mm
  • Bridge: No
  • Best Retention Method: Cemented
  • Optimal Tooth Position: Molars, Bicuspids, & Anteriors