IPS Empress Esthetic

Press for Fit... Layer for Beauty!

Throughout the last 15 years, and into the future, it has been Ivoclar Vivadent’s mission to refine, enhance, and perfect IPS Empress, so that it remains the brand that offers dental professionals the ideal combination of simplicity, elegance, esthetics, and function. Now, dramatic esthetic results are even easier to achieve with a new addition to the IPS Empress family – IPS Empress Esthetic.

With over 25 million restorations placed worldwide, IPS Empress delivers the ultimate in metal-free esthetics and trusted clinical performance. Optimizing a technique developed by Lee Culp, CDT and further refined with Lee, Matt Roberts and Jürgen Seger, CDT, this material raises the bar for pressable ceramics delivering even more life-like esthetic results and improved physical properties.

IPS Empress Esthetic offers a new lucite reinforced glass ceramic with a broader ingot shade range that gives you more selection to meet the demands of your patients. The dispersion of leucite crystals in the Empress Esthetic ingot provides great homogeneity resulting in enhanced ingot density and improved flexural strength. Used with a traditional staining technique or a cutback technique, the new Empress Esthetic ingot delivers outstanding esthetics.

When coupled with the new line of IPS Empress Esthetic Veneering Materials and IPS Empress Esthetic Wash Pastes, Empress Esthetic offers ODL ceramists the added flexibility of using a cutback technique to fabricate life-like restorations. Created in partnership with leading ceramists, this system has been designed to offer a simple technique for creating outstanding esthetics. Offering a complete pallet of veneering materials and wash pastes, this system gives ODL technicians the tools of the masters so that each of your restorations can be a masterpiece.


  • Lucite Glass Esthetic
  • 160 MPa
  • 7 Levels of Life-like Translucency


  • Veneers
  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Anterior Crowns


*IPS Empress Esthetic restorations have a turnaround of 6-9 days.