Full Dentures

The Ottawa Dental Laboratory processes dentures using injection molded SR-Ivocap® to ensure optimal quality, occlusion, and overall fit.
All full dentures include articulation, set-up & finish, and name ID.

Economy Full Denture

  • Dentsply New Hue Classic

Premium Full Denture

  • Dentsply Bioform IPN
  • Dentsply Portrait IPN
  • Pala® Mondial Kulzer Teeth

Signature Full Denture

  • Dentsply Portrait IPN
  • Pala® Mondial Kulzer Teeth
The Signature Denture is fabricated with conformity to natural tooth arrangement and gingival characterization in accordance with phonetics and function.

Let Us Help You

The Ottawa Dental Laboratory not only offers the highest level of quality with our full denture products, we also include a variety of services to help our clients throughout all phases of each denture case.

We have been working with dentures since 1937 and have the knowledge required to make every case a pleasant experience. We always have an in-house specialist available that our clients can communicate with and assist with any questions they may have regarding the case. Our denture specialists can assist clients throughout the entire treatment timeline. ODL even offers next day and same day services for reline, rebase, and repair cases (based on location).

For any questions about our full denture services please contact our Denture Specialist Rachel Gutierrez.