Turnaround Times

The following information will help you plan patient visits during the construction of the restoration. “Days” represents working days in the laboratory. Pickup & Delivery days are not considered working days. For cases involving more than one department, add the total number of days from each department.

We interpret due dates as delivery dates. Please be sensitive to your patient appointment times and our delivery times when indicating your due date on the Rx.

Ceramics/Crown & Bridge Turnaround
All Metal Restorations 5-7 Days
Porcelain Fused to Metal 6-9 Days
All Ceramic Restorations 6-9 Days
True Temp™ Provisionals 4 Days
Partial Denture Turnaround
Provisional Partial 3 Days
Frameworks (Does not include finish) 5 Days
All Cast Cases (Does not include finish) 7 Days
Add Cure-Ons 2 Days
Flexible Esthetic Partials 7-10 Days
Repairs – Metal 4-5 Days
Denture Turnaround
Custom Trays/Bite Rims 2 Days
Set-Up Full or Partial Denture 3 Days
Finish Full or Immediate Denture 3 Days
Set-Up & Finish Full or Partial Denture 5 Days
Pin Tracers 3 Days
Duplicate Denture 3 Days
Relines/Repairs 1-2 Days
Mouth Guards 3 Days
Bleaching Trays 2 Days
Sleep Appliances 10 Days
Implant Turnaround
Crown and Bridge Over Implant 14 Days
Model/Wax Bite 3 Days
Denture Set-Up Tryin 4 Days
Milled Titanium Implant Bar 10-14 Days
Process and Finish 5 Days

∗To expedite your case, the Ottawa Dental Laboratory offers complimentary pickup and delivery.

∗Need a case in a hurry? We can arrange a rush case at no additional charge.