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 Within Complimentary Delivery/Pickup Range

Give us a call at 800-851-8239 and we will send a driver out to pickup your case. Our personal crew of drivers will stop at your office to pick up and deliver your cases free of charge. Allow us to coordinate the logistics for you so you can focus on the management of your practice and patients. We can set up your office as a convenient daily stop or on an as-needed basis; you decide! If your office hours vary, and/or you close at any time during a normal business day, we can accommodate you with a personal lockbox for confident and secure case storage.

Outside Complimentary Delivery/Pickup Range

All dental offices outside the pickup and delivery area sending cases via courier only pay shipping for one-way direction. ODL will ship your cases back using standard 2-day shipping service. For your convenience if you don’t have an established account with a courier, we’re able to provide you with pre-printed UPS labels. We simply apply a one-way shipping fee to your invoice; ODL continues to ship back at no charge to you.

*If you’re interested in working with our lab for the first time and want to find out if your office falls within our complimentary pickup and delivery range, give us a call and we can assist you.