Porcelain Fused to Metal

The ODL Advantage

The PFM may be the oldest restoration in the books, but it’s far from forgotten. Being able to create beautiful and functional PFM crowns is a staple for any dental laboratory and ODL has been setting the bar for quality since it’s inception. The key to ODL’s success is in the substantial amount of training each employee receives where they learn the science and art behind crown fabrication. All ODL technicians are administered to PTC’s Training & Verification System (TVS), a 6-week course held in our in-lab training center where they learn the foundations of building esthetic and functional crowns as well as the language of dentistry. The TVS course combined with our training center allows our trainees to have a stable learning environment with standardized methods creating a consistency throughout the entire lab.

Wide Variety of Alloys

ODL partners with Argen, the world leader in quality refining. Through Argen we have a wide variety of alloys that can be used for our PFMs and full cast crowns. This benefits our clients directly offering many levels of insurance reimbursement, different levels of occlusion shade, and a variety of price options.

Quality Control

On average, the larger the laboratory is the larger the remake percentage. This is simply because in a bigger laboratory setting there are more hands on each restoration which can create inconsistencies in the fabrication of the crown. However, ODL sits at an astounding average remake percentage of about 3.5%. Our quality control standards are are reinforced throughout the entire workflow of each case to ensure that only the highest quality crowns leave our lab.

Our CAD/CAM department creates better consistency for our crowns as well. Working alongside our hand wax technicians our CAD/CAM technicians apply tried and tested techniques to a digital medium resulting in even better fits and faster turnarounds.


*PFM restorations have a turnaround of 6-9 days.