ODL Custom Clear & Astron bite splints

Stabilization & Protection

Designed to minimize the damaging effects of bruxism and relieve pain to the temporomandibular joint.

ODL Custom Clear

  • Heat-cured acrylic.
  • Fabricated on a semi-adjustable articulator with a 5mm anterior opening and 20° condylar guidance.
  • Designed with even occlusal contact to the opposing teeth, cuspid rise, and posterior disclusion, eliminating all posterior excursive interferences.
  • Rigid structure stabilizes teeth; no risk of tooth movement.
  • Made as clear. single-color translucent tinting is available.

ODL Custom Astron

  • Semi-rigid option; forms to the patient’s dentition.
  • Malleable in heated conditions, ie: hot water.
  • Flex properties for aggressive bites that tend to snap appliances.
  • Not recommended to stabilize mobile teeth.
  • Made as clear. Single-color translucent tinting is available.