Model-less Crowns

The Ottawa Dental Laboratory offers model-less crowns to those who have a digital, intra-oral scanner. We have Full Contour Zirconia, Ottawa Zirconia Translucent, or CubeX2 Ultra Translucent Zirconia available for model-less crowns.


Intra-oral scanners make your digital impression workflow fast and easy, acquiring precise, true color, 2D and 3D digital impressions in less time, with fewer steps, than doing it the old way. Digital scanning provides an acquisition method with superior results, compared to the using traditional impressions. A big bonus to the process is the scanner’s ability to capture dual arches faster and more efficiently than any other method. Processing is eliminated, and the image is available onscreen immediately.

No one liked the gloppy goop. No one much cared for the powder either. Patients are not only tolerating, but beginning to really appreciate digital impressioning. Digital scanning is ergonomically designed for the patient’s comfort in mind. Once the impressions are captured, the digital models are on-screen in HD 3D, for you and the patient to see!