Atlantis™ Conus Abutment™ Overdenture

featuring SynCone® Caps


  • Abutments
  • SynCone® Caps
  • Analogs
  • Cast Frame
  • Premium Denture Teeth
  • Ivocap Denture Base
  • Polymerization Sleeves


  • Parallelism
  • Cleansability
  • Ideal for Removable Restorations
  • Precision CAD/CAM Designs
Available through all Atlantis™ platforms.

STEPS FOR SUCCESS: Conus Full Arch Overdenture

1. Final Impression Appointment:

(approx. 1.5 hours)

  • Place correct impression copings on each implant.
  • Take radiograph to verify intimate seating of impression copings.
  • Take final impression with impression copings in place. Capture all landmarks including vestibules, palate, and posterior extentions. 
  • Pick-up impression copings after allowing for the manufacturer’s recommended set time.
*Note: Impression copings & analogs are not included. Please allow 1 week for case to be returned to your office.

2. Record Bite Registration:

(approx. 1 hour)

  • Bite block is seated.
  • Take bite registration.
  • Please include tooth shade, high smile line, cuspid marks, and facial contour.
*Note: A screw-retained bite rim with 2 temporary abutments are included.

3. Wax Try-In Appointment:

(approx. 1.5 hours)

  • Seat wax try-in to assess esthetics, occlusion, phonetics, and shade.
*Note: Please allow 2.5 weeks in lab.

4. ODL Will Scan, Design & Order Custom Abutments

  • Prepare for final wax try-in.

5. Final Wax Try-In:

(approx. 2 hours)

  • Position Conus abutments utilizing the seating jig.
  • Seat the wax try-in for final verification.

6. Deliver Final Conus Prosthesis

  • Position abutments utilizing the seating jig.
  • Seat & torque abutments to specifications.
  • Position the polymerization sleeves.
  • Seat Conus caps & tap into position.
  • Pick-up caps with self-curing acrylic.
*One of our chair side technicians can be chair side to assist you hourly.