Joanie Bretag


Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Joanie joined the Ottawa Dental Laboratory in 1998 as the lab’s first Human Resource Manager. She was born and raised in Ottawa and a graduate of Marquette High School, Illinois Valley Community College and Moser School of Business. A great deal of her success is due to her good fortune of having started at the bottom, but having benefited from developing and growing in the experiences of several supervisory and management positions, each with increasing responsibilities. First with a small general hospital, then with a large industrial plant, and later with a new foreign-owned manufacturing start-up, and in each case focused on the importance of good employee relations.
As a result of these various experiences, she feels a tremendous appreciation and understanding in both the similarities and differences of individuals, of management and of non-management, and how they perceive their respective jobs.
Promoted to her present position in 2002, Joanie’s guiding philosophy is very basic, but enduring. She firmly believes that the strength of ODL is ingrained in its values and culture, where “We win together when we are all committed to the good of our lab, to our customers, and to each other.”

Joanie and her husband, Danny, are the parents of two children and also have two granddaughters. Joanie has a passion for gardening and helping others with wellness initiatives.

800-851-8239 ext. 6004