Bogdan Czubik CDT

Bogdan Czubik

Laboratory Manager – Chicago

Bogdan is a graduate of Medical Vocational School No.5 located in Krakow, Poland where he earned his Associate’s Degree in Dental Technology. Bogdan began his career in the Public Health Clinic and was the owner of a dental laboratory in Krynica Zdroj, Poland where he specialized in removable prosthetics. In 2000, Bogdan moved to Chicago and continued to build his dental technology expertise, and in 2012 he joined the Ottawa Dental Laboratory of Chicago bringing his vast removable dental technology experience to our team.

Bogdan thinks the opportunity to improve a person’s perspective of themselves is extremely rewarding and fulfills his deep belief in helping others. In his spare time, Bogdan enjoys a good book, traveling, visiting new places and gathering with friends.