Smile Shapers

Smile Shapers are fabricated to match each patient's specific need. With three varying levels of treatment, these aligners are indicated for minimal to advanced aligning.


The VisiClear® Partial Denture by Ottawa Dental Laboratory has a lightweight framework and beautiful esthetics. The translucent, flexible framework of this appliance blends with the surrounding tissue base and dentition. Its 100% metal-free design provides for improved patient satisfaction, comfort, and easy chairside adjustments. The biocompatible, nylon-free material is the p...

Ultaire™ AKP

Ultaire™ AKP - A Revolutionary Removable Partial Denture The Ottawa Dental Laboratory is happy to announce a revolutionary RPD! Ultaire™ AKP is a metal-free partial framework that is designed to last. Ultaire™ AKP, an innovative high-performance polymer specifically formulated for dental applications, bridges the gap between metal removable partial dentures (RPDs) and thos...

OZT – Ottawa Zirconia Translucent

Consistent & Predictable There is a new breed of zirconia that is more consistent and predictable than regular zirconia! It is called Ottawa Zirconia Translucent. OZT has an optimized microstructure that provides higher translucency and has significant flexural strength that exceeds 800 MPa. OZT allows for more consistent shades and predictable translucency. If you have ...

Model-less Crowns

The Ottawa Dental Laboratory offers model-less crowns to those who have a digital, intra-oral scanner. We have Full Contour Zirconia, Ottawa Zirconia Translucent, or CubeX2 Ultra Translucent Zirconia available for model-less crowns.